Le Wagon Bleu

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Le Wagon Bleu

Le Wagon Bleu - Ristorante - Bistrot - Bar - Paris

The gloriously nostalgic ‘Blue Wagon’ in the 17th arrondissement is set inside a 1920s carriage from the legendary Orient Express.Cherrywood panelled walls and rich royal blue banquettes, set eitherside of neat wooden tables, look just as they did 90 years ago –even the original overhead luggage rack remains.The train car has comfortable couches and is dimly lit ; you're quickly transported away from the humdrum of Paris with the illusion of beingon a journey, especially since the train car only fits 40 and the layout provides ample privacy and room for conversation. On the menu, expect a mix of French classics alongside Corsican dishes likefigatellu rôti (roasted Corsican sausage) with a large selection of-excellent- Corsican wines.


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75017 Paris

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